Human Trafficking

« The Devil is not without charms » and « This is a business that preys on young women », where two of many questions we discussed in class.

I think that the meaning behind « the Devil is not without charms », is that the people doing human trafficking, uses their charms to get to the woman. Without the charm, it would be much more harder to reach the woman, and to let them be tricked. There’s a saying that says « a wolf in sheep’s clothing », and it’s almost the same as the devil is not without charms. They can be super nice and caring, and then suddenly they show their real side.

The reason for why some says « This is a business that preys on young women », is that women, especially young women, are an easy target. They all have a dream and goals in their life, and if someone says that they can have that dream, they will be down to do anything to reach that goal. It’s because of the dreams they have, that this is a business that preys on them.


Americas next president

Dear Donald Trump,

Congratulation with the election. I know that I have a small voice in all of this, and that you haven’t heard of me before, however I am interested to help you. I am writing to you some of many things that should be done to how to run the United States.

First of all, please do not leave the NATO, it’s a great organization that helps a lot of countries, and that was made for a very good reason. To united countries and to help them if a crisis comes around. If you decide to leave the NATO, my country, Norway, will be vulnerable.

Second, Mike Pence, your running mate, has once said that the LGBT community is a choice they take, and that keeping gays to marriage is not a discrimination, but an enforcement of Gods idea. Mr. President, please do not take a step back with agreeing with Mike Pence thoughts on this. We have come so far on the LGBT situation, and by refusing the gays to marriage, we will create a negativity along this that will divide the nation in two parts.

It’s not much, however it is something to think about, and that even what choices you will make, it will make an huge influence on your country, and the world.

Humans of Oslo

Today me and my english class went to Oslo, to interview some people. One of the people I interviewed was Bodil.

Bodil is a retired teacher, who is now learning french in her spear time. She speaks norwegian and english fluently, but can speak a little bit of german and french. Bodil likes to write short stories, and gets her inspiration from everyday. She is very proud of her three children.

Her daughter is a journalist, so she says that when people want to interview you, always say yes, because you never now how many had said no before you.


Topics for the year

Studying and Working Abroad

Many young people choose to go abroad to study or work. What might be the reasons for this? There are lots of reasons for why so many young people choose to study/work abroad. One of them is to be more independent, all of the travel alone, and then settling down in a new country. Then there is to learn or improve a language that you are interested in. 

Varieties of English

There are many variants of English. Choose one of the countries where a variety of English is spoken (not the USA or the UK). Explain why English is one of the main languages there and describe how this variant differs from standard English. In India, because of the rule of the East India Company in 1830s, English is the second speaking language there. This variant of English is different then the one you would hear in the UK or the US, because you can hear a mark of indian in it. 


Media and the Role of the Media

Social media have become more and more important and powerful in today’s society. Describe some of the ways in which social media are used. Give examples.

There is so many ways social media is being used today. You can find companies promoting there products on Facebook and Instagram, and celebrities being paid to talk about and recommend a product that they necessary haven’t tried yet.

Feedback about todays session

When I came to the class, I didn’t knew what was going to happen, since I didn’t got the time to check it’s learning before I went to school. Because of that, I didn’t have any expectations at all.

During the ice-breaking and trust exercise I felt a little bit curious, because we had to close our eyes, and didn’t have any control at all. I guess that everyone was uncomfortable, since we had to be very close to each other. When we had the trust exercise,  I was sceptic and afraid, because we had to trust the others to catch us when we were falling. When all the trust exercise were done, and that we all had a laugh about it, I was very happy.

Today I learned about some proverb in english, like : to kill to birds with one stone, and blood is thicker than water, and one bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.

A trip to the international school

This Tuesday we went to Asker international school with our english class. We started our journey by reading to,  or being red by the students. I was amazed by how well the students, being only 6 years old, could read so good and had a very good english accent.They could read even better then me, however I couldn’t know if they understood all of it. But points to them, for reading so well!

I have learned that the school may not be that different from Norwegian school, even though they learn in a different language: they have class project, gym, activities and so on, just like us.

What I liked about the school is how the teachers communicated with the students. They had good energy that got you in a good mood, and actually wanted to learn. While we stood and listen to the students having their presentation, the teachers walked around and commented what the students were doing and what they could do better.

Police statement-Leon

I had a break from the military, so I went to the Corn Day with Tony. Tony and I were just enjoying ourselves, when suddenly a cop, I am pretty sure he wasn’t from the pueblo, ran to our direction and punched me in the face for no reason at all. He punched me so hard, that some of my teeth got broken. I was pretty chocked, when I understood what happened, and I was also confused. Unfortunately, I have to admit that I was drinking all day, so it’s a little bit hard to remember everything. In the military, you are supposed to always be armed, therefore I  brought my rifle, just to be prepared if anything happened. I may have wanted a rematch for what the police officer did to me, and the anger built up in me. The rifle was in my pocket, so I tok it at then the last thing I remember is that the police officer felt to the ground.